As the country continues in lock-down, albeit more relaxed, our hearts and prayers go out to all who have been affected by the virus or are struggling with the implications of isolation. We have moved from late winter through spring during the early stages of lock-down and early tender, fragile shoots of new growth are now flourishing. They are a very tangible reminder that God is everywhere, not just in a church building, and is with us always [Matthew 28:20: "And remember I (Jesus) am with you always, to the end of the age."] 

Likewise, we have taken to 'Zoom' to hold our services - and from small, tentative beginnings we have gone from strength to strength and now hold an interactive service each Sunday at 9.30am and a Compline service each Wednesday at 8pm. Sunday Club continues to be active with it's own Zoom "get together" each Sunday and joins the rest of the congregation towards the end of the main service. Our bible study and prayer group meet on a Monday morning again via Zoom and has added to it's members. For those without the technology to access our services we offer befriending and ministry by telephone and we continue to look for other ways to make ourselves visible and available. We would love you to join us - further information can be found below.

Alison Bull and Rachel Wigley, Churchwardens

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