From Revd. Martin:  I am proposing to hold a brief introduction to Christianity course during Lent 2016; most probably on Sunday late afternoon/early evening for just an hour or so. This will be for adults who are interested in finding out a little more about Christianity. It will take the form of an informal chat where questions of all types can be discussed and will include a very easy and gentle introduction to the Christian story and its meaning for you and for the world. The course is called Puzzling Questions. You can get an idea of what it might involve at: www.puzzlingquestions.org.uk .

Meanwhile, if anyone would like to go on to be Confirmed at a later date, we can discuss and arrange this at the end of the Puzzling Questions course. Similarly, if any young person wishes to be confirmed, I will be arranging a course for them shortly, too. If you are interested in any of this, or even wish to simply discuss it further, please email me at: