Original letter to the congregation - December 2017 (link)

Three Parishes boundaries (link)

Process Road Map (link)

Models of possible reorganisation (link)

Review Discussion Document - June 2018 (link)

PCC Thoughts submitted to Archdeacon - September 2018 (link)

Summary of current position of Parishes - September 2018 (link)

The Bishop's Formal Notice of Suspension - 25 June 2019 (link)

At the APCM on 7 April 2019, the Churchwardens reported that a proposal from the three parishes had been agreed for further consultation.  The proposal is based on a form of team ministry, and with incumbents in each parish committed to working across all three parishes.

It is expected that the next step will be for the Bishop to make his formal proposal for the re-arrangement, for formal consultation.  The Churchwardens estimated that this process would only delay being able to proceed with pursuing the appointment of a new Vicar by 2 to 3 months.