Over the weekend of 20/21 October 2018, St Mary's hosted a visit by the Estonian Choir of GB, led and conducted by Kristi Jagodin. There were about 35 singers, mostly young people; from as far away as Scotland and Wales, as well as from around London.  Church members, from St Mary's and other local Churches, kindly offered overnight accommodation.

The Choir had a goal; to be invited to take part in a massive singing festival (30,000 other singers), as part of 2-year Centenary celebrations, next summer in Tallinn, Estonia.  The standards are very high, and they were having to prepare and submit a video, as part of their application. The weekend comprised the Choir rehearsing their pieces and recording their video.  On the Sunday afternoon, by way of expressing their sincere thanks for everyone's hospitality, the Choir performed a short, informal concert.  Kristi provided an interesting insight into the important part that 'making music' and performing traditional songs plays in Estonian culture. Attendees were impressed by the quality achieved, the enthusiasm of the singers, as well as gaining an insight into Estonian music, language and culture.

Below is a short extract from a few of the songs: