It was announced to the congregation, in December 2017, that the Bishop was to give some consideration to a possible reorganisation of the three Parishes of Kippington (St Mary), Riverhead with Dunton Green (St Mary) and Sevenoaks (St Luke).  Below is a collection of documents which provide the latest position on these developments. Further details can be obtained via the Churchwardens.

* Original letter to the congregation - December 2017 (link)

* Three Parishes boundaries (link)

* Process Road Map (link)

* Models of possible reorganisation (link)

* Review Discussion Document - June 2018 (link)

* PCC Thoughts submitted to Archdeacon - September 2018 (link)

* Summary of current position of Parishes - September 2018 (link)

* The Bishop's Formal Notice of Suspension - 25 June 2019 (link)

* The Church Commissioners' proposed Draft Pastoral Reorganisation Scheme, for public consultation; closing date 6 November 2019 (link)

(UPDATE 1) The proposed reorganisation, based on a form of team ministry with incumbents in each parish committed to working across all three parishes, has been approved by Bishop's Council and has been forwarded to the Church Commissioners for their approval. Once that has been obtained the proposal will be subject to a formal consultation. If nothing untoward is identified during the consultation the plan is for the team ministry to be in place by early 2020.

At that point we will be able to advertise for an incumbent. In the meantime the PCC will be working on producing a Parish Profile to describe our parish and what we need to assist prospective candidates. The PCC will also be working with the other two parishes on establishing what our joint vision should be.

(UPDATE 2) The Church Commissioners' public consultation has now closed (6 November 2019). News of the outcome is awaited.

(UPDATE 3) It is understood that, as there were no adverse comments arising from the public consultation, the Pastoral Reorganisation Scheme has been formally agreed by the Church Commissioners. With effect from 1 December 2019,  the West Sevenoaks Team Ministry has come into existence.

(UPDATE 4) On Sunday, 26 January 2020, at 4:00pm, at St Mary's, Kippington, there was a service to celebrate the forming of the West Sevenoaks Team Ministry. Members of each of parish were invited: Kippington, St Luke's, and Riverhead with Dunton Green. The service included the re-licensing of Licensed Lay Ministers (LLM) and Pastoral Assistants (PA), by our Archdeacon Julie Conalty, to serve in the West Sevenoaks Team Ministry. All were welcomed.

(UPDATE 5) On Sunday, 12 January 2020, at the 9:30am service, the Churchwardens gave a further update. The parish profile for St Mary's, Kippington, including the overall role of Rector for the new Benefice of West Sevenoaks Team Ministry has been completed, and the post of Rector will be advertised shortly. The selection committee will include Barry Sharp as the St Mary's, Riverhead representative. Once the new Rector has been appointed (not necessarily in post), we should then be able to proceed with the appointment of our new Team Vicar. In the meantime, our PCC has been overseeing work on our Parish Profile, and the PCC hopes to approve it at its meeting on 28 January 2020.

(UPDATE 6) As of 20 January 2020, the post of Team Rector for the Benefice of West Sevenoaks Team Ministry is being advertised on the Pathways section of the C of E website (link). The advertisement includes a link to the Profile for the Team Rector role.