Ascension Day to Pentecost 21st May – 31st May 2020

We are asked to pray for God's spirit to move within our Church community, equipping us to share God's love with others and listen to how God is speaking to us today.

Although enduring extraordinary times at present there are still many opportunities for us to offer love and kindness to all our neighbours in accordance with Christ's great commandment.

Jesus is the Light of the world and we are called to the Light to reflect His image.

Our plans here at St Mary's are as follows:

We will use last year's idea of making paper chain people but display them in the front windows of your homes. They will represent 5 people (or more if you wish) whom you hope will experience God's love through your prayers and deeds. They can be as colourful as you wish and any size you fancy. A template is attached to assist if necessary.

Sunday Club families will receive an Adventure Prayer Map and will be able to download an App to enable play. Archbishop Justin was thrilled when he experienced this!

In addition, everyone with email will receive a downloadable prayer book. Those without will receive a hard copy. The book contains readings and psalms. You will find a short reading for each of the 11 days (pages 40 – 42) and it would be wonderful if everyone could read these, together with the following prayers at either 7am or 7pm each day.

Heavenly Father, we pray that neighbours and friends might encounter the love of God in Christ and that they might experience that love in action.

The Lord's Prayer

Hold my hand God, lead the way, help me be strong every day. Let me know what's wrong and right, keep me safe both day and night. Let me know what you have planned, lead the way God, hold my hand. Amen