Grave Locator

The information in this database is based on a survey undertaken by the North-West Kent Family History Society some years ago.  With the Search facility (accessed via the middle button below - looks like binoculars), you can look for entries which contain a certain string of characters.  In the 'element' drop-down box select 'Name' and in the 'condition' drop-down select 'CONTAINS' Then, for example, searching for AMHE in 'the 'value' box, and clicking the 'Apply' button, should find five records relating to the Amherst family.  You can also re-order the list by clicking on one of the three main column headings.  The 'Location Code' in the listings can be used to find the actual location by referring to the appropriate Diagram. An entry 'y' in the 'move' column indicates that remains were removed and re-buried in Area J.

An overall diagram of the Churchyard, and more detailed diagrams of specific Areas A to L, can be accessed via the following links:

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Please see the separate page about the two designated Commonwealth War Graves (identified as B2 and I29 on the Grave Locator plan), and a civilian grave (B4) for an entire family killed by a V2 rocket.

272 Hedgeley James,Sarah and Lily Blanch F43
273 Hedges Winifred Jessie J26
274 Henderson James,Christopher and Margaret D22
275 Henderson Robert F38
276 Henson Frederick Harold K13
277 Hibbins Dorothy and Charles E34
278 Hibbins Nellie A17 y
279 Hicks/Crouch Florence Maude Hicks and Hilda Asnnie Crouch B5
280 Higg - nson Frederick D42
281 Higgs Thomas Francis C58
282 Hill Henry and Florence Alice F22
283 Hills Emily and Jacob William C21
284 Hills Mary,William,Uriah and Sarah H20
285 Hills Rosemary Ann D3
286 Hobson Montague C60
287 Hodder K117
288 Hodder Hilda Constance,Alfred George and Kenneth J81
289 Hodder Lily Ellen and George William J72
733 Hodges Clifford John L
290 Hodges Ernest Edward and Ellen Katie C49
734 Hodges Shirley June L
291 Holder K138
292 Holdman Edward Henry and Bernard Henry J82
293 Holdman Lily J83
294 Holland Alfred and Avis Jane J43
707 Holland Marjorie Ethel L
295 Hollebon William and Ellen J39
296 Holman William K72A
297 Holman William Frederick and Dora Eleanor K90
298 Holmes Philadelphia and Henry A37 y
299 Holt/Duff Evelyn Holt D18
300 Hopper John, John and Mary Ann A27 y
301 Houson Henry Ernest K97
302 Howard Tho? And Sophia E41
303 Hubbard Esther I6
304 Huggett James and Mary F29
305 Hughes Henry E17
306 Hunt Walter William K15
307 Hurlock Albert Peter K32
308 Hymass K145
309 Ingpen Thomas A36 y
310 Isard John Swaby D50
311 Jacomb Catherine Wright D6
312 James Malcolm and Maria Hannah D41
313 James William Leslie K81
314 Jarvis John,Mary Ann Louisa Fanny B32
315 Jarvis Mary Ann and William Leonard J22
316 Jarvis Reginald J.W. B33
317 Jeffery Annie,Dorothy Freda,and Lilian Jane H37
318 Jephson Julie Henriette B7
319 Johns Ruth C. !21
320 Johns/Cassland Ida Jessie J36
321 Johnston K147
322 Johnstone K120
323 Jones Ann E40
324 Jones Eliza I33
325 Jones Florence Lemar,Emily Elizabeth and Lewis Edwin I40
326 Joyce K137
327 Joyce Alexa D3a
328 Kastein Albertina G11
329 Kavanagh Irene Annie K22
330 Keates William Charles and Margaret H29
331 Kendrick K131
332 Kent K144
333 Kerslake Charles and Amy Margaret F36
334 Kidd Christopher and Mary D43
335 Kidd Frances May J48
336 Kine James,Jane and Elizabeth Martha H13
337 King Emily and William Henry J41
338 King George,George Robert,and Sarah F7
678 King John L
339 King John and Alice Elizabeth F8
709 King Margaret L
340 Kingswood Edmund ans Kate B39
341 Kingswood Jeanette Brenda D18a
342 Kipps George and Martha E25
343 Kipps/ Ketteringham Fanny,John Ketteringham,Ann and Anne F41
344 Kirby Edward E J35
345 Kirby Edward William Orme J34
346 Kitchingman K146
347 Knight Ann and Frederick E2
348 Knight/Cosens Eliza and Lavinia Cosens F25
349 Kruytbosch Egbert Diederik,Joanna,Boris C11
350 Lambarde Bridget Aurea B2
351 Laughlin K135
352 Lawrence Bessie,Kenneth Alice Daisy Ethel,Harriet and William
353 Lawrence Dorothy May K25
354 Lawrence Leonard Richard C38
355 Lawrence/Millesen/Bassett Richard Lawrence,Elizabeth Millesen
356 LawrenceJane,Charles and Mary Ann F3
357 Lawson Louise Frances and George Henry C30
358 Le Gros/Clark Frederick and Henrietta E12
359 Leckie James D23
360 Ledger Frank Edward (Sonnie) D5
361 Legood L.J. (Jim) K72
362 Lever/ Fothergill Susannah C33
363 Lewin Stephen Frank and Daisy Elizabeth B25
364 Lewis John Percy F14
365 Littlewood Mabel Julia C36
366 Lock Kathleen Barbara F15