Grave Locator

The information in this database is based on a survey undertaken by the North-West Kent Family History Society some years ago.  With the Search facility (accessed via the middle button below - looks like binoculars), you can look for entries which contain a certain string of characters.  In the 'element' drop-down box select 'Name' and in the 'condition' drop-down select 'CONTAINS' Then, for example, searching for AMHE in 'the 'value' box, and clicking the 'Apply' button, should find five records relating to the Amherst family.  You can also re-order the list by clicking on one of the three main column headings.  The 'Location Code' in the listings can be used to find the actual location by referring to the appropriate Diagram. An entry 'y' in the 'move' column indicates that remains were removed and re-buried in Area J.

An overall diagram of the Churchyard, and more detailed diagrams of specific Areas A to L, can be accessed via the following links:

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Please see the separate page about the two designated Commonwealth War Graves (identified as B2 and I29 on the Grave Locator plan), and a civilian grave (B4) for an entire family killed by a V2 rocket.

367 Lockyer K121
368 Lockyer Florence D8
369 Long James H8
370 Longley Charles,David and Lizzie Mary H17
371 Lott Eveline Dorothy and oswold Frederick C41
372 Lovell K142
373 Lubecki Leon Edward K12
374 Macartney William Henry Christopher,Mabel Lucy & A.M.B. Macartney C1
375 Makin Brent Alan Arthur and Cyril C83
376 Malyon Richard D48
377 Mandy/Bowra Edward,Sarah,Francis,Henry and Harriet Bowra A43
378 Mansey Emma Matilda and Percy Harold B15
379 Marcahnt Jane and John G23
380 Marchant Harriot F6
381 Marchant John and Lydia A10
382 Markam Sarah E6
383 Markby/Phillips Augustus and Lily A5
384 Marriott John Solta C13
385 Marriott William A20 y
386 Marsh Charles,Lucy Elizabeth,Margaret Lucy and Eliza Minnie H19
387 Martin Brian K91
388 Martin/Scrase George,Fanny,Frances and Emily E43
389 Mayes Vera and John K88
390 Melville/Henderson Robert and John E31
391 Mercer Priscilla and Charles G24
392 Middleton K136
393 Miles Elizabeth Annie and Ernest J54
394 Milliner/Stevenson John Herbert and Betty Mary C71
395 Milsted (Palmer) Emma C6
396 Milsted Robert William C5
397 Mitchell Harry and Mary Ann H6
398 Mittell Henry Hastings C56
399 Moore K141
400 Morgan Mary Ann,David and Eleanor E16
401 Morris Henry Vincent,Emily Jane and nJohn Leslie J53
402 Mortelman Florence A and Alfred C19
403 Moss/Mall George,Elizabeth and Mary Mall F27
404 Moxham K109
405 Mumby Jemima Eliza and John Washington F42
406 Murphy Douglas Robert C81
407 Murray/Smith William G4
408 Myers/McClatchie Emily and Isabella Sarah A54
409 Neighbour/Howes Annie Jane,William Francis and Mabel Annie Cicely D35
410 Newby Geoffrey James C86
411 Newing Anne Marie D10
412 Newton Annie and James G21
702 Newton Malcolm John L
729 Newton Patricia Joan L
413 Norman May,Alice Mary,John,John Arthur,Gladys,Cecil H21
414 Norton Malcolm James and Eva Doris J24
415 Norton Mary and Mary A23 y
416 Nye Alice,Thomas and Arthur C34
417 O'Brian/Burn Murdoch Christina Mary E7
418 Odd George Jessup and Flora H32
419 Older William,Frances,Percy Children,Lydia Fanny and Alice Sophia F39
420 Osborn Maria,William and Emma H28
421 Osborn/Farrant Emily Farrant and Caroline Osborn H36
422 Osborne Walter Ernest J73
423 Paice John Wellesley H11
424 Pain Geoffrey Sholto K80
425 Palmer Robert and Emily Jane I2
426 Parkes/Haddon Alice and Geraldine C7
427 Parry/Reed Elizabeth N. and Thomas Reed C43
428 Parsons Liz K50
429 Pascoe Ernest K78
430 Paskin James B23
431 Patry Helen and Robert Edward H5
432 Peacock Arthur K51
433 Pearce Frank B37
434 Pearsall K119
435 Pearsall K105A
436 Pelham Albert E. and Mabel D26
437 Pelling William and Bess J80
438 Pemble George and Lily Caroline J65
439 Pennells Henry William K2
440 Pennells Minnie K7
441 Percival James Maurice and Amy Robina C27
442 Perkins K134
443 Perrin Emily and Arthur I5
444 Petley Francis Woodgate D36
445 Petley Mary Elizabeth D38
446 Petley/CarterCharles Robert Petley,Kathleen,Charles,Kathleen Norah D37
447 Pettitt Norah Irene K92
448 Phillips K132
449 Pilcher Charles Edward C72
450 Platford Jean D1
451 Platts Cecil Alfred K42
452 Platts Pat K43
453 Plum Doris Hilda and Thomas Edward H34
454 Pocock Emily Jane G27
455 Pocock Sophia and William G25
456 Pope Lydia and William Alfred D24
457 Pope/Clinch Walter,Robert Clinch Pope,Helen,Florence Mary H24
458 Porter K143
459 Posnett/Parker William and Alice Parker (sister) A32 y
460 Potter Annie Clara and Percy Frank C16
723 Powell Dennis John L
461 Powell Douglas A and Emily Jessica J79
462 Powell Edward K49
722 Powell Iris Joyce L