Grave Locator

The information in this database is based on a survey undertaken by the North-West Kent Family History Society some years ago.  With the Search facility (accessed via the middle button below - looks like binoculars), you can look for entries which contain a certain string of characters.  In the 'element' drop-down box select 'Name' and in the 'condition' drop-down select 'CONTAINS' Then, for example, searching for AMHE in 'the 'value' box, and clicking the 'Apply' button, should find five records relating to the Amherst family.  You can also re-order the list by clicking on one of the three main column headings.  The 'Location Code' in the listings can be used to find the actual location by referring to the appropriate Diagram. An entry 'y' in the 'move' column indicates that remains were removed and re-buried in Area J.

An overall diagram of the Churchyard, and more detailed diagrams of specific Areas A to L, can be accessed via the following links:

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Please see the separate page about the two designated Commonwealth War Graves (identified as B2 and I29 on the Grave Locator plan), and a civilian grave (B4) for an entire family killed by a V2 rocket.

463 Pratt Clement A K103
464 Preece Eric William D49
465 Prior Norman James K52
466 Probert Arthur and Pansy J37
467 Probut George and Ellen !23
468 Procter Eric William K10
469 Proctor/Newnes Martha and Henry A.K. D15
470 Pryer/Vassa Du Peneau Leonard J45
471 Pullen K151
472 Purdon Joan Barbara K108
473 Pyke Arthur Davis K31
474 Pyke Irene Miriam K30
475 Raker Albert G14
476 Raper Isabel and Matthew F31
477 Rayner Emily May C23
478 Reeve Stephen and Mary A9
479 Reeves Ada and Albert J61
480 Reeves Audrey Elizabeth K57
481 Reeves James and Elizabeth D9
482 Reeves Maria and John I32
483 Reeves Sydney James K106
484 Reeves William,Walter and Edwin A31 y
485 Reginald William & Maude E Davis,Pamels Anne Davis & Elizabeth Best C15
486 Reynolds Henry John C24
487 Reynolds Richard John I20
488 Reynolds Sally and John Mullis E5
489 Richardson Arthur and Emma !25
490 Richardson Harry K84
491 Richardson Herbert John B36a
492 Richardson Whitehouse Dennis Whitehouse Richardson B30
493 Richardson William and Emily I18
494 Richardson/Whitehouse/Bowles Elizabeth
495 RichardsonHarry and Emily B31
496 Ring Henry,Cissy and Mary F28
497 Rivington Stoffel Stephanie C50
498 Roberts/Chapman Adelaideand Adela E32
499 Roberts/Reeves James,Eleanor and Jessie I14
500 Roe Eliza and Arthur F35
501 Roff K116
502 Roff Alfred K29
503 Roff Elizabeth and Thomas John C31
504 Roff Jessie Annie K28
505 Rogers K140
506 Rogers Ronald Frank and Rose Elizabeth I41
507 Ronald/Bowie/Dewar/Bruford Ronald,Lilian,John William and Betty Bruford C46
508 Ruffel Karen Elizabeth C51
509 Runnicles George Alfred and Nellie C57
510 Russell K67A
511 Russell Joan Prewitt K79
512 Russell Sarah and Sarah A11
513 Russell/Holding John,Margaret and Ann Holding A12
514 Ryan K150
515 Sale Thomas,William and Ann G40
516 Salmon John Varena K98
517 Salway Cyril Claude and Beatrice B9
518 Sands Alice Mary !24
519 Sands/Winder Thomas Sarah,Samuel Winder A49
520 Savage R.G. Savage I13
521 Sawyer Edward and Lily Emily G9
522 Schofield John William C85
523 Schofield W.J.H. Jack K5
524 Scott Katherine Lillias J33
739 Seal Derek Raymond L
721 Seall Dennis L
690 Seall Margaret L
525 Sears John and Oscar C61
526 Selby/Allen Frank,Harriet and Georgina A24 y
527 Sharp Thomas and Elizabeth D19
528 Sharrad Eliza and Robert H38
529 Sharrad Eliza Caroline and Henry John G15
530 Sharrod Thomas G5
531 Shaw Richard Michael C68
532 Shaw/Soan Samuel William and Elizabeth Soan Shaw H1
533 Shingleton Arthur Robert I29
534 Shorey Richard,Esther Mary and Harold Silas F37
535 Shorey/Kipps Joseph,Gwendolen Patricia and Grace Alfreda E42
536 Simenton Walter Thomas and Alice Louise J38
537 Simmonds/Lester Albert Simmonds and Rose Annie C66
710 Simpson Brian F L
538 Sims Arthur and Mary Rebecca B20
539 SimsWinifred Linsell D13
540 Sinclair K128
541 Skevington Mary Grace and Eva Mary I15
542 Small Ann and Thomas A40 y
543 Small Brian Victor K54
544 Smith K123
545 Smith Caleb and Matilda B3
685 Smith Constance Anne L
546 Smith Fanny,Florence,Katie H23
547 Smith Henry and Ellen Thackery G16
548 Smith Mary,Edward and Edward Benjamin F40
549 Smith Robert and Ann D16
550 Smith Stephen,Martha Ann and William J10
551 Smith William and Sarah H27
552 Smith/Heath Stephen Smith,Harriett and Florence Heath J30
553 Smithers Kate,Alfred and Douglas C62
554 Smithers Mary Ann G19
555 Smythe Fanny F21
556 Snell May and Douglas Montague Rooking J71
557 Snoad Francis C2