Vicar's Welcome

Reverend Martin Booth

We do hope that you might be able to spend some time with us here at St Mary’s; the parish church of Riverhead with Dunton Green.

You are welcome to come along whatever your age, whatever your background or beliefs: whether you are one of Riverhead & Dunton Green's regulars; a visitor from another parish or church tradition; a newcomer to church or the idea of church; an enquirer; a doubter; a struggler with life's complexities; someone who is thinking about coming back to church after a while; or just someone who wants simply to come and sit quietly at the back.

We all need reminding from time to time that it is good to spend time together; or in peaceful reflection; or to come to understand more fully that God never tires of enjoying our company and hearing from us.

We trust, above all, that the impression you will get from St Mary's is of a place and a people of peace, of prayer; of hope and of love.

As we say on our main page here on this website - St Mary's hopes to be a still point in a turning world. Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens," Jesus says in Matthew's Gospel, "and I will give you rest".

Amen to that.