Christmas 2018

December 2018

This time of year we often hear the expression: "the magic of Christmas". And Christmas is indeed magical; especially for the young and the young-at-heart.

But when we think of the Christian roots of Christmas – Jesus Christ being the reason we have Christmas at all – then as well as the magic of Christmas we should perhaps also think of its mystery and wonder.

The words magician and magic come from the same word as Magi - the Three Kings, the Three Wise Men as they are also known. Magi were people who began to explore and practise such things that we now know as physics, chemistry, astronomy and biology. Delving deep into the natural world and how it worked meant ordinary people like you or me would have looked on them with both awe but also suspicion.

Magic and magicians grew out of this. Magic became a way of pretending to reveal great secrets of the universe, as if they could control and change the natural order of things. A practice which grew into the wonderful entertainment that we know and thoroughly enjoy today. Though working out how the tricks are done is part of magic's great appeal. We know we are being deceived, but that's the fun of it.

The trouble is, we might often – even though we might not know we are doing it – think that the birth of Christ was just another magic trick. Whereas it was in fact something mysterious and wonderful. The Creator of the universe chose to enter into our world and share our experiences with us – good and bad, happy and sad. Above all, our Creator chose to come with a pure, unconditional love that humankind still experiences today; and which makes Christmas so special. That is the greatest gift of all. So, when we think of the magic of Christmas, let's also recall its mystery and wonder.

May you and those you love be greatly blessed this Christmas and in the year to come. Amen

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