Vicar's Thoughts

Welcoming Strangers

1 December 2014

There is a story about one of those great colleges in Oxford, or Cambridge, or somewhere; one of those colleges founded by and supported by the Church, as many are... I do not know if it is a true story - I hope and believe that it is.

It was Christmas time, and the college had got together in the Great Hall to celebrate the festive season with a sumptuous banquet. There was silver and porcelain and fine linen napkins everywhere. There was the best cutlery, the finest wine and the richest, most delicious food one could hope for. The college's historic crystal glasses glinted gold in the flickering light of a thousand candles in that oak-panelled room. 


Bible Sunday 2014

26 October 2014

We can forget sometimes, can't we, that we have the Bible? I don't mean forget that there is such a thing as a Bible - so much as forget how it has come to exist at all. Forget that it exists as a primary resource in our lives and, indeed, that - in and of itself - it is a miracle that it is here at all. After all, there is no real reason for it to exist in the first place really.


Extra-Ordinary Time

28 June 2014

For those of you who are interested in the Church's seasonal colours you may well notice that we've now gone Green. In fact, after all the very busy time since before Christmas - with our blues and reds and whites and golds - through Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter you may be interested to note that we will be sticking with green for quite a while now. This season over the summer and leading up to Advent the Church is pleased to call: 'Ordinary Time'. So, I hope you are all feeling properly Ordinary and are prepared to remain Ordinary until the Autumn.


Easter message: At this time of new beginnings, a fresh start is good for all

17 April 2014

As Easter weekend approaches, the Reverend Martin Booth, of Saint Mary’s Church in Riverhead, considers the festival’s pagan origins and the important messages that have come to be associated with it...


Easter 2014

12 April 2014

The Journey from Palm Sunday, through Holy Week, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and into Easter Sunday encompasses the entire Passion narrative.

A narrative that is painful, frightening, disturbing, challenging.

There is quite enough in this narrative alone for us to think about.


Lent 2014

3 March 2014

Tradition has it, as does biblical scholarship, that the author of Luke's Gospel was a doctor; a physician. He probably is the one mentioned accompanying St Paul on his missionary journeys and is probably the same person who compiled the Acts of the Apostles.

It's important to know Luke's medical background. Why? Because of two things.


Christmas - All about Trust

30 December 2013

Much of what scripture tells us about the birth of Christ is all about Trust. Although, in thinking about this, we also need to consider the meaning of the word Mistrust and the different meaning of the word Distrust. Mistrust is where one isn't sure whether one should trust someone or something whereas Distrust is where one definitely should not trust someone or something. When it comes to the Christmas story, any individual can have three approaches to it: Either they mistrust it: They are challenged by it and are not sure what to believe about it. They Distrust it: and reject it out of hand. Or they Trust it. 


Vicar's Christmas Message

1 December 2013

Over the weekend of 14/15 December this year, St Mary's will be holding its Christmas Tree Festival. This will be our third year of doing this. So it is rapidly becoming a tradition; a much-appreciated one. Individuals, schools, nurseries, local businesses, communities, organisations, clubs, charities all bring their trees, set them up in St Mary's church and decorate them. It looks and feels brilliant.


Luke 6: 20-31 Blessing

3 November 2013

The Bible Scholar R Alan Culpeper reminds us that we, especially in the West, have forgotten the idea of Blessing; the tradition of Blessing; the realisation that blessing has a real power and can be a genuine force for good, a force for God, in the world.


Harvest 2013

6 October 2013

A friend of mine the other day wondered where God was? That is to say, he wondered why God had been thinking about other things and had consequently allowed him to stumble and to hurt his foot while running for a bus.

We need to set aside the whole issue of expecting 'daddy' to protect us from everything - absolutely everything - that life throws at us. We're not teenagers who go round saying they hate their parents and wish they'd never been born. Although we know that this is just their way of expressing their frustration and unhappiness at certain circumstances.


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