At the services on Sunday, 18 November 2018, Revd Martin announced that he and Maggie will be leaving during Spring 2019 as they had decided that Revd Martin should retire. He went on to say that all would not be lost, and he was sure there would be a really good future ahead for St Mary's. In this respect he asked the Churchwardens to say a few words about the Three Parishes Review.

The Churchwardens said that the Three Parishes Review had reached the point where, while working closely with the other two Churches, we will be guaranteed a Vicar here, and it is expected that the interregnum, if there is one, will not be very long. Before he leaves, Revd Martin will be putting in place a cover Ministry rota for the first 6-months as a starter.

Revd Martin re-iterated that during the interregnum everyone will need to help, in whatever way they can, until a new minister can be appointed. He apologised for springing his news, but he could not think of any other way.

Revd Martin's final service here will be on Sunday, 10 March 2019.