Meelis Suld

Meelis SuldOn Sunday 20th June we were joined by Meelis Suld at our morning service. Meelis belongs to the Harju-Risti Parish in Estonia, a parish which St Mary the Virgin has had a connection with for a number of years. Meelis told us a bit about how the parish in Estonia is coping following the effects of the Pandemic over the past year and we were able to pray for them. Meelis is based in London to train as an ordinand. He is currently Assistant to the Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Great Britain as well as the Outreach coordinator for the Council of Lutheran Churches in Great Britain. Meelis has been training to become Assistant Pastor of St Anne’s Lutheran Church in London and hopes that his ordination will take place in September this year. It was great to hear some of Meelis’ journey to ordination and to learn from him. Please hold Meelis in your prayers over the coming weeks as he prepares to be ordained.