Response to Afghanistan crisis

Currently, we’re focusing on domestic policy asks as that’s where our expertise lies. This means campaigning and lobbying around on the current (lack of) care children and families in the UK, including Afghans, are receiving. There are around 3,000 Afghans still in the asylum backlog waiting for a decision living in limbo and we’ve heard through partners of young people who have recently had their cases refused so we would support calls for these cases to be reviewed and granted positive decisions in the first instance.

Some bullet points with more information below.

  • We are extremely concerned about the situation facing young refugees in the UK. The situation in Afghanistan shows once again how important it is for us to help those who need protection.
  • The Home Office has a safeguarding duty to promote and protect the welfare of all separated children in their care. But we know many of these children are being let down and put at risk – being placed in hotels and denied basic needs. It is imperative children housed in hotels are moved as quickly as possible into safe and supportive accommodation. The Home Office and Local Authorities must make sure children receive the appropriate support and care they are entitled to by law.
  • Last month, we signed an open letter led by @Childrenengland @article_39 and co-signed by over 70 children’s charities to Gavin Williamson calling for the Department for Education to take the lead in ensuring these children are treated as children first.
  • We also have to make sure the forthcoming Nationality and Borders Bill does not make it harder for refugees and asylum seekers to receive the protection and help they need. There are many worrying elements in this bill – proposals for a two tier system, changes in age assessments, reduced appeal rights, changes to modern slavery protections. We urge policymakers to ensure the UK continues to protect those who need it.
  • Lastly, separated children are incredibly vulnerable, which is why The Children’s Society and the Youth-Led Commission for Separated Children are also calling for independent legal guardians to be given to all separated children. It is crucial all of these young people have access to a trusted adult who will represent their best interests and ensure their basic rights are upheld, as well as helping them to navigate the complex immigration system and ensure their voice is heard


Thanks for your continued support.

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The Children’s Society

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