Harvest Festival - Sunday 3rd October

As part of our All-Age Service at 9:30am on 3rd October we will celebrate Harvest. During the service there is the opportunity to bring a gift to support a local organisation from within our community. This year we shall be supporting Sevenoaks Larder who run a branch within our parish on Tuesdays from the Dunton Green Pavilion. They are supporting a number of families from within our parish at this time, providing them with food on a regular basis.

If you wish to bring a gift to the service then Sevenoaks Larder have suggested they are in need of any of the following items:
Tinned tuna, tinned ham, tinned vegetables(but not pulses or beans), jam, peanut butter, honey, savoury crackers, sugar, tea, coffee, long life fruit juice.  They DO NOT NEED pasta, baked beans or tinned soup as they have plenty of these at present. All food must be in date.

They would also be grateful to receive any fresh fruit and vegetables which can be distributed straight away amongst their clients. 
Following the service Coffee will be served in the Church Hall.

Thank you.