Easter Message

It’s that time of year when we all desperately want to be done with winter and we yearn for Spring to have really sprung!  We look forward to Easter because it symbolises renewed hope. It’s about celebrating new life in all its forms, from daffodil bulbs coming through and opening up and grass starting to grow again as well as seeing lambs in the fields.

At St Mary’s we will be celebrating new life and remembering with real joy and thanksgiving that against all the odds Jesus Christ beat death and rose to that new life which He freely offers each of us. His message can simply be summed up in the word ‘Come!’  Come and receive acceptance, forgiveness and new life. He welcomes us all unconditionally.

Those of us who meet at St Mary’s genuinely aspire to offer that same welcome. We are very aware that St Mary’s is God’s church.  It is the Parish church for every single one of us, and belongs to every single one of us and we sincerely want anyone and everyone who wants to, to come and join us, whether you have great faith - or no faith – or anything in between.

On Good Friday morning our children will be planting an Easter garden next to the steps up to the church. It’s a simple sign of the hope and confidence we have in God’s Easter new life. Do come and join us then and have a hot cross bun as well, or for any of the other services on this card. We would really love to see you.

Best wishes to you from all our church family,

Daphne Harrison – Lay Minister