Bible Study and Prayer Group

A regular group meets for prayer and bible study each Monday evening in one of the group's homes or on Zoom. The Meeting starts at 8pm and lasts approximately 1 hour.

To date we have studied: Women of Faith, Life Changing encounters from the Gospel of John, Exodus 1-18, Romans 1-5, Guide to Psalms, Job and Philippians, Judges and Peter 2. We have just finished studying The Sermon on the Mount.

If you would like to join the group, you would be made very welcome. The first Monday of the month is devoted to prayer. There is a prayer board for people to pin up their prayer requests and a prayer box for private prayer requests, both located at the back of the church. 

The group is currently studying Paul's letter to the Philippians in 8 chapters. You can see videos of the book we are studying here, chapter by chapter. 

Please contact Daphne or Ronnie for details